Very smokey in Vernon oct 17 ??? why??

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Re: Very smokey in Vernon oct 17 ??? why??

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hotsummer09 wrote:It's okay it's just Tolko illegally lighting slash piles that are less than 100 meters from my house which is provincial law, as well as lighting upwards of twenty slash piles within a 1.5 mile radius of my property yesterday which was listed a a poor venting day. But that's okay because if you do it when it's low overcast nobody will notice right? Closest pile was 76 meters from my house.

I sure hope you document all of it and file a report :swear: let us know what happens
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Re: Very smokey in Vernon oct 17 ??? why??

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that's plenty of distance away from your home you do realise that white stuff everywhere is snow right
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Re: Very smokey in Vernon oct 17 ??? why??

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From the way the smoke is going straight up from those piles, it was a good venting day.
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Re: Very smokey in Vernon oct 17 ??? why??

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tykrz wrote:Major slash burning all over the Okanagon and north east of Kamloops.
Like we didn’t have to choke on enough smoke all summer!
How about chipping that wood instead into mulch instead of pollution!
Better yet, have the culprits pay a carbon tax on that burning!,,

Slash burning is essential to helping prevent fires during the summer. Chipping is not economical especially if the slash has no marketable value. Burning also gets rid of pine beetle and puts nutrients back into the soil. It is much more effective than "praying for rain" like all the idiots on Facebook do all summer. If the smoke bothers you, perhaps quit smoking or move to the north pole. This is how forests work, deal with it.
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