Caravan Theater Armstrong

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Caravan Theater Armstrong

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Has anyone been lately? Read some reviews the story is anti pipeline. I am pro pipeline. Should I go ? I can afford to eat the tickets $$. If I go will I freeze my a$$ off?? Give the low down from start to finish. Should I take a flask of fireball ??
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Re: Caravan Theater Armstrong

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As far as I know it is sold out but there is a waitlist for tickets so you may get lucky unless you have the tickets already in which case :up:

I never went to this particular show this year as I don't think there was all that much snow for a sleigh ride but I've gone most other previous years and its always a fun unique experience.

I say that because I don't really go for the quality of the shows, although they can be really good......but its more about being outside getting towed around on a sleigh by smelly animals with your girl snuggling beside you to keep warm and the bonfire before and afterwards.

If you've never been before....I would recommend trying it out....and if you have....well I guess I'm preaching to the choir. [icon_lol2.gif]
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Re: Caravan Theater Armstrong

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Don't waste your money on it. I was very disappointed with it.

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