Trudeau/Liberal Mistakes & Undue Influence from Obama

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Trudeau/Liberal Mistakes & Undue Influence from Obama

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Today's headline "Obama weighs in on federal election, urges Canadians to vote Trudeau". Seriously is Barack Obama Canada's "president by proxy" so is it just fine for him to weigh in like this? Political influence, or interference, from Putin's Russia or Obama or Trump shouldn't happen.

Trudeau and his Liberal Government have screwed up far too many times in the past 4 years - he and many in the Liberal party simply have to be defeated Monday.

Anyone still thinking of voting Liberal should consider the following headlines from the past 4 years:
-Trudeau authorizes $10.5-million terrorist Omar Khadr payout
-Trudeau proposes reintegrating ISIS fighters to Canada rather than leaving them imprisoned in the middle east
-Trudeau Says Canadian Veterans Are “Asking For More Than We Are Able To Give Right Now”
-Liberal government supports open boarders for migrants in Manitoba and Quebec
-Sex payouts, character assassinations: Trudeau struggles to contain SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal
-Trudeau influenced Wilson-Raybould on SNC-Lavalin, broke conflict-of-interest code
-Trudeau bought an aging Trans Mtn pipeline though BC for $4.5 billion - sparks interprovincial skirmish
-Trudeau refuses support for Energy East pipeline thru Quebec
-inconvenient truth about Quebec's secularism law Trudeau doesn't want to face
-Trudeau’s Infrastructure Bank debacle
-Trudeau’s four ethics violations carry no punishment - scandalous
-Trudeau promises electoral reform and doesn't deliver
-Loblaw getting $12M tax dollars to install new refrigerators
-taxpayers cover $215,000 private vacation for Trudeau family to the Aga Kahn's island
-"man" handles MP's across the aisle in House of Commons tomfoolery
-Trudeau's broken electoral reform promise
-Trudeau was the only guy wearing uh face makeup in West Point Grey school (and where is his hand exactly in that now infamous photo??)
-the budget didn't balance itself after all - Statistics Canada indicates debt as of March 2019 was approximately $768 billion

If only Barack knew the truth... but we Canadians know. Question is will Canadians vote Trudeau's liberals back in for round 2 or is the above list enough already?
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Re: Trudeau/Liberal Mistakes & Undue Influence from Obama

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Die hard Liberals will continue to Support this national embarrassment. Die hard Conservatives will continue to support Mr. Scheer , even though he is just as bad. I would rather spontaneously combust that mark my X down in support of either one.

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