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Re: Predictions

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The Green Barbarian wrote:
Urban Cowboy wrote:I predict that Scheer supporters will continue to cry in their beer, and complain until the next election rolls around.

And I predict that Trudeau supporters will continue to cry in their beer, and complain until the next election rolls around.

Which they have a right to, given that none of the options the election offered were worth spitting on.

Basically voters opted to go with the devil they knew.
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Re: Predictions

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Basically voters opted to go with the devil they knew.

Instead of voting with Scheer blindness.
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Re: Predictions

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Jlabute wrote:Despite some parties in favor of a climate tax, many people in those parties would still prefer the carbon tax to be killed. The tax doesn't do anything. Emissions in BC were dropping per capita long before a tax was introduced in 2008. Governments are always looking for more revenue, and are using a tax that hurts the poor the most. Get rid of the tax and let Canadians invest in their own efficient living. Where do the billions go anyways? How will government live without a carbon tax once we are net-zero? You better believe it will never die, and it will only continue to increase.


Looking at a couple of the other questions asked, we find those who voted Conservative more willing to let the poorest in Canada keep more of their own money. The rest of the parties take the more patronizing approach: give us your money and we'll spend it as we think best.

We also find those who voted Conservative are the only ones who understand the impact of driving up the deficit: bigger cuts in the future. The difference between spending carefully now so we have MORE to spend later and driving up interest payments so we have LESS available to spend later is totally lost on the NDP voters.

Isn't it interesting that the Green voters are more sensible in this regard than the Liberals?

I predict a) this minority government will drive up our deficit massively, and b) we will see far more drastic cuts down the road as a consequence.
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Re: Predictions

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Evan wrote:Hey if the majority wants to remove certain taxes... have at it... But I can assume many services will suffer and we as Canadians will suffer worse off financially and physically.

I predict we were talking about the carbon tax. If government needs more money for services, don't call the services revenue stream a carbon tax, call it the "we are financially dumb and need more money tax", then, I probably wouldn't mind as much paying a little more. No one will suffer without the carbon tax. More people will be better off. I'd rather pay the pipeline stupidity tax, or a UN sycophant tax, or elite vacation tax, but please, don't call it the carbon tax.

I predict JT will give us more debt than any other PM in the universe since the dawn of time.

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