Psychiatric Evaluations Must Change

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Psychiatric Evaluations Must Change

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When my daughter became acute with Anti-NMDA Receptor Autoimmune Encephalitis, she was committed under the MHA to the psychiatric ward and given antipsychotic drugs which worsened the attack on her brain. She coded on the ward and nearly died. Had this medical condition been better-recognized, things would not have gone so badly.

This petition is to draw attention to the fact that a new approach must be taken by psychiatric professionals. Recent neuro immunological studies have yielded results that indicate schizophrenia is often actually an autoimmune-mediated disease. How many people suffer due to misdiagnosis?

Please consider supporting this important petition. ... uses-first
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Re: Psychiatric Evaluations Must Change

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I've just voted. IMHO, it's an important thing we need to solve. Thanks for your efforts

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