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BC Libertarian Party

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Purpose and principles
The BC Libertarian Party adopted the following set of principles during it's 2020 Annual General Meeting.[1]

The purpose of the Party is to bring about the election of BC Libertarian Party candidates to the British Columbia Legislative Assembly in promoting the following core principles;

That no individual or group is permitted to initiate the use of force or fraud against any other,
That the universal natural rights to life, liberty, property, expression, and the peaceful pursuit of happiness are essential to the preservation of civil society,
That the role of government is to protect and preserve such rights, and
That the citizens of British Columbia have the right to defend and be defended from those persons or institutions that seek to diminish any of the above principles.
Party platform
Ending the ICBC monopoly on basic auto insurance.[2]
Allowing for more parental and student choice in education.[3]
Decentralizing decision making powers to local communities, families, and individuals.[4]
Abolishing provincial government monopoly on liquor and cannabis distribution.[5]
Adapting to a changing climate and promoting environmental policies that will have the greatest impact.[6]
Sweeping tax policy reform, including tripling the basic income tax exemption to $35,000 and abolishing the carbon, fuel, cigarette, liquor, and marijuana taxes.[7]
Reducing transportation costs through the elimination of various taxes and regulatory bodies, and opening up the market to new innovations like car sharing, bike sharing, ride sharing, and other transportation solutions.[8]
Removing legal barriers to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.
Growing the economy by making life more affordable for all British Columbians.[9]
Supporting British Columbia's resource-based economy.[10]
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Re: BC Libertarian Party

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Well these guys make a lot more sense then the Ecosocialists, who are nothing more then looney.
I'm posting this from Traditional lands of the British Empire & the current Lands of The Dominion of Canada.
I also give thanks for this ethos richness bestowed on us via British Colonialism.

Stand up to Anti-Semitism.
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Re: BC Libertarian Party

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