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Re: TeleHealth

Post by OKkayak »

"If you think you're having a heart attack. Please press 1"
"If you think you're having a stroke. Please press 2"
"If you're missing an appendage. Please press 3"
"For all other inquires. Please hold the line"
"If you'd like to talk to a doctor. Please visit our website"

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Re: TeleHealth

Post by TylerM4 »

Telehealth is great and we need more of it. I've looked at many initiatives over the last decade.

It's especially great for remote communities. Can you imagine travelling hours on winter highways for simple visits? That's a reality for much of BC.

There are limitations. Specifically, the fact that the care provider on the other end only has a camera. A camera does not help you measure BP, judge a patient's range of movement, probe for lumps or sore spots, listen to heart/breathing, look in your ear, cannot take a sample/swab over a camera, etc. Think about it - how often do you visit a doctor where all he does is look at you normally (no special viewing equipment) and talk? My experience is that there's some hands on/probing/equipment used at least 50% of the time.

Long story short - it has a limited potential and I think we're nearly there in terms of technology. It's simply a matter of adopting the existing technology. Yes equipment can be taken home - but there are challenges with setting up/using that equipment (many who need it are seniors) and cost of the equipment themselves.

Where I think the future is going: Remote health. It's a mid-point between home health, and physically visiting a DR. Basically it's a local facility that's only manned by a receptionist and nurses/assistants. They keep the equipment there and nurses/assistants can connect it to patient to take whatever samples/measurements/readings/images they need. From there a DR or specialist can connect in and not only be able to communicate with the patient, but be able to have the nurse perform basic tests, evaluations, and measurements that can't be done over a screen on the doctor/specialists behalf.

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