Multi-million downtown Kamloops development

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Multi-million downtown Kamloops development

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The project is planned to cover an area between Fourth and Fifth avenues, from Battle Street past Nicola Street. It will involve the construction of two high rises, 18 and 22 storeys tall, alongside other multifamily structures along with residential and commercial spaces

Definitely the biggest residential development ever for the downtown.
The jury is still out for me on the size of the two towers, 18 and 22 stories, but time will tell.

The development will bring up to 1000 residents into the downtown and cost up to $180 million.

It could be just what we're looking for when we downsize but from what I've read the largest units don't appear to be much over 1000 sq ft.
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Re: Multi-million downtown Kamloops development

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I remember when Kamloops didn’t even have any shopping malls, all the major stores were on Victoria and Seymour, even a couple car dealerships on Victoria, the Plaza was the number one fancy hotel, and North Kamloops was a separate city.
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Re: Multi-million downtown Kamloops development

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The wife and I will be downsizing to a little less than 600sqft eventually. My 2-bedroom in downtown Vancouver was 650sqft 14 years ago. The living space doesn't make that much of a difference if the outside options are as numerous as they are downtown.

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