Massive Power Outage

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Re: Massive Power Outage

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jamesy wrote: Jul 18th, 2021, 6:01 pm I live in Glenmore (Kelown) and my lights are still at half brightness. They have been flickering for the last hour and a half.
Turn half of them off and you will be fine! :up:
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Re: Massive Power Outage

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Well, that was an easy fix


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Re: Massive Power Outage

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Yep power back on. only 2 hours
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Re: Massive Power Outage

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:hailjo: :hailjo:
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Re: Massive Power Outage

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Golden - East of CANYON CREEK RD, North of 12 MILE CK FOR RD, South of DAY RD
366 without power - crew on site - cause: wire down ... estimated time on 10:00PM

Golden - East of 12 MILE CK FOR RD, North of HWY 95
122 without power - crew assigned - cause: under investigation

5-10 more in 2 separate areas in Golden
5-10 more in 2 separate areas in Vernon

Update hydro outage ... 2072041405
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Re: Massive Power Outage

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In reviewing the White Rock Lake fire bulletins and evac alerts etc. around Westwold- I note that they speak to power outages linked to power lines in that area,,,, hmmm- I wonder if that is what caused the massive outages yesterday? Starting to appear that this fire has snuck in the back door....

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