Farmmaa has passed away

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Farmmaa has passed away

Post by ferri »

Here's her obituary. Way too young. ... ele/15804/
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Re: Farmmaa has passed away

Post by alanjh595 »

I am so sorry to hear that, we had many off-line discussions.

She was a kind and gentle sole.

RIP my friend.
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Re: Farmmaa has passed away

Post by Fancy »

OMG - how tragic. I'm so sorry and my condolences to her family and friends. It's been awhile since she posted but I just assumed taking a break. She is and will be missed.
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Re: Farmmaa has passed away

Post by Queen K »

Devastated. So sad and such a wonderful bright light.

I'll tell you why.

Farmmaa, or as you all know now, Jan, spent countless hours on facebook garden sites giving of herself in a big hearted way.
No garden question was too tough for her to tackle. Anyone could post anything and there was Jan, giving advice on how-to, when and why. She was a master gardener and landscaper with pride and class. Never put anyone down for asking. Castanet forums is not the only on-line community which will miss her terribly.

As posters here tend to do, they come and go and Farmmaa was one of them. It's difficult to know when someone just got fed up, or changed their user name, but I know when she was posting her she fought the good fight, arguing for social justice, women's rights and pointing out the flaws out there that grated against her gears.

Good bye Jan, you were missed and will be missed. May your bright light be remembered. :heart:
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Re: Farmmaa has passed away

Post by mexi cali »

A sad reminder. Thanks to her for her contributions. ALways passionate.

Given what I know about you now, I hope there are flowers aplenty where you are.
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Re: Farmmaa has passed away

Post by Glacier »

I just noticed this thread for the first time. I had no idea. RIP, Farmmaa.
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