But it's OK for MSM to mislead?

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Re: But it's OK for MSM to mislead?

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Jim Dixon wrote: Oct 2nd, 2021, 5:02 pm
Silverstarqueen wrote: Oct 2nd, 2021, 3:29 pm It's a poll. There is no poll which gets its replies from every single person in a country.
Also it is understood that any poll is only relevant for the time it was conducted.
So a poll where they ask if people would get the covid vaccine might get a 40% response in Jan 2020, and a 80% response in Sept 2021. They aren't expected to be true for all time.
A poll of a small pool of canadians is basically like taking the temperature of a couple of pieces of chicken in a frying pan, it's then presumed that all the other pieces of chicken will have about the same temperature.
If it said the poll was of 1537 Canadians, then there was no deception.
Don't be silly. If if the CP headline were not using the a-typical tabloid-style of journalism, the headline would include "... of those polled...". But then, it wouldn't get much attention.
Silverstarqueen wrote: Oct 2nd, 2021, 3:29 pm They aren't expected to be true for all time.
It's not about truth or occasional truth in reporting the current events. If you want to talk about truth I'm sure the Mods will allow you create your own post about what your version of truth really is. I'm sure you can make it very interesting and informative.
This is about honesty in misleading headlines.

Thanks anyway, it was a valiant effort in support of tabloid-style journalism written report.
A poll of 1500 is considered adequate to represent a much larger group i.e. canadians. Nothing to do with tabloids. Of course it's "of those polled" they don't have to state that in a headline, it's understood it refers to those polled, and extrapolated to a larger population.
This isn't silly, or misleading, it's the way polls are done, and used to represent the opinions of a larger group of Canadians.
Why don't you learn something about polls instead of calling me silly?

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