Jean Chretien Interview

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Jean Chretien Interview

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Chretien is 87 years old, and 87 times more capable of governing this country than Trudeau is.

"No one has the right to apologize for something they did not do, and no one has the right to accept an apology if the wrong was not done to them."
- Douglas Murray
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Re: Jean Chretien Interview

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Yes, I did like how he called out our dullard idiot of a PM for not once ever asking for any help from the "old guard" Liberals, leading to two embarrassing defeats in the last two elections. Jean definitely called out our idiot PM and rightly so, for being so dumb. But it wasn't just him calling our the PM, it was the entire brain-dead Liberal party. Jean must have been so embarrassed watching the Liberals miss a shot on an open net in the last election. Clearly, there are just too many stinking albatrosses hanging around the Liberal necks right now. And total demagoguery in action instead of brains on behalf of that decrepit regressive party.
This election, vote ABLNDP - anyone but those scumbag NDP or scumbag Liberals. "Justinda Trudeau" must go. No more global elitist scum in charge of our resources and our democracy.

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