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Post by Bubalouie »

Talking to a gfriend today and she said, "It's like having your own personal Chinook............" I laughed, hadn't heard that one yet.
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I went thru at least 4 years of not being able to even think about leaving the house two days a month. And the other 3 to 5 days, I always had extra clothing in the trunk! The last 2 years, I have had night sweats about twice a month. But, I am happy to say that other than those two things, I do believe I am finally DONE!! February will mark my full year with no unwelcome visitor!! :123: And, with not one hot flash, not enough mood swings to mention, and not much else in other symtoms, I am happy! H A P P Y HAPPY!! :123: :123:
And, I might add, its about stinking time! I am WAY closer to 60 than I ever thought I would be to have to put up with that monthly nonsense! LOL
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Post by Fancy »

Boy, you sound like you were one of the lucky ones. I'll keep my fingers crossed my end is near :) I'm tired of night sweats more than twice a night.
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With a whole bunch of the "baby boomer" generation going through Menopause, maybe environmentalists should consider it another cause of "Global Warming"! :smt073
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Post by BriTer »

harvgar wrote:With a whole bunch of the "baby boomer" generation going through Menopause, maybe environmentalists should consider it another cause of "Global Warming"! :smt073

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Post by Bubalouie »

Oh Puppy, lucky you, I can only wish and too funny harvgar, that could be part of the Global Warming for sure........
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Post by grammafreddy »

Well, I'll wade into this conversation, too.

My inner child has been playing with matches for at least five years. I am still having hot flashes - sometimes so severe they take my knees out from under me.

I wake up soaked to the skin several times a night, change my bedding, change my nightie, change my pillow even, because it is sopping, too.

I sweat buckets, then when the sweat dries, I am freezing. I don't know how to dress any more - for the weather or for the hot flashes. I now own cardigans - on, off, on, off, etc.

I lose my concentration when a hot flash hits, too. Damned unnerving at work, at the store, really anywhere.

I haven't had periods for a lot of years (had a partial a long time ago) but I find now that I am menopausal, I get the same cramps and monthly symptoms (backaches, etc) as when I had them, only much more severe..

My lips are always chapped, and my skin is soooo dry I crinkle when I walk.

On the plus side (if there is one) I have not had any of the mood swings, other than I find I get weepy more. I also battle a mild depression, but that could be from my life situation rather than menopause.

I don't take any drugs or remedies of any kind - I just wallow in my misery and stick my face in front of a fan!

I also wish every man could go through menopause symptoms for just one month, so he would understand what his woman is going through and be much more understanding and sympathetic and HELPFUL when things get rough.
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Re: Ladies - Menopause Question's

Post by Catz »

I think I am with you.

Holey cr@p...... :146:
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Hot Flashes

Post by sas11109 »

I know this is a long dead thread. But I just wanted to post something that may be of interest to some ladies. I have been experiencing those "Oh so wonderful" (NOT!) hot flashes for the past 6 mths. Quite by accident they have stopped. And I mean STOPPED. I have not had one hot flash for 2 weeks. Not even ONE single "waking up in the night sweating to death/kick the covers off & then on" experience. No "talking to someone then feeling like you're gonna either faint or puke awaiting the next flash while you turn beet red". This may be something wacky happening with just me ...I dunno. And I'm not in any way recommending anyone do this ..but ....I've tried "googling" this weird thing to no avail. Want to know the only ONLY thing I've changed ? My water intake. I was drinking 2 to 3 litres of water a day. I noticed on the days I was drinking less I had less hot flashes. So now I've cut back to maybe only 1 litre a day and ...yep, they're gone. I talked to my naturopath about this & he comfirmed that there's some women that this works for. Yah ! I'm one of them ! I know there was a news article last week on either CBC or CTV news that says there is some question as to how much water intake is really needed - that maybe that old 8 - 10 glasses a day may not be true. Hey ..I don't care at this point ...I've been free of hot flashes for 2 weeks .....I'm doing the happy dance (& not sweating to death !). :skyisfalling:
If anyone else has noticed this or has some insight into websites verifying this I'd sure be interested.
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Re: Ladies - Menopause Question's

Post by ferri »

that is very interesting!!! i'm going to start keeping track of how much fluid i drink during the day vs my night that turn to August. :lol: it has gotten better since i since i started taking the right herbs for it. but i do still have the occasional kick off the covers and gasp for cool air. :lol:
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