Fireworks in the city of Kamloops

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Fireworks in the city of Kamloops

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So it looks like yet another right and freedom is about to be curtailed;
As our City Leaders move to ban or seriously restrict the sale and use of fireworks.
I note that they are already only allowed for sale during basically 2 weeks a year, otherwise you can't find them anywhere.
In a contradiction in terms, the SPCA is pushing for this ban as well
As they suggest fireworks annoy pets.

I would suggest that pets annoy people and should be more restricted than fireworks...
Listening to neighbour's dogs bark all day every day and stepping in dog excrement
Is a far more annoying and daily disturbance than any fireworks display I've ever seen.

This is a ridiculous overreach on a every-day product that can and is used safely all the time.
When was the last fireworks injury or fire in Kamloops?
Or any where nearby for that matter?

I hope our city opens up these restrictions, not tightens them down.
This is a product an adult should be able to buy at any time of year and use in a safe manner. ... containers
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Re: Fireworks in the city of Kamloops

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yep, more stupidity.

Apparently, adults need parenting from the government.

We should go after offenders instead of banning things from all of society.

Next up, banning pellet guns!
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Re: Fireworks in the city of Kamloops

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End the fireworks mandates! Freedom now!

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