What's for dinner tonight?

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Re: What's for dinner tonight?

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Anyone remember the old bisquick sausage balls? My grandmother used to make them every Christmas...I've Just made a keto version to have around for snacking.
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Re: What's for dinner tonight?

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We had sausages and perogies. The perogies were made locally by a Ukranian lady. Her son is in the Ukraine and is fighting in their Army. She is using the proceeds to buy Helmets for the Ukranian soldiers.

So it goes to a good cause.

They were excellent by the way.
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Re: What's for dinner tonight?

Post by dirtybiker »

Tonight's supper will be bbq moose steaks (gifted to me,) backed up with
spuds and brussel sprouts done in the air fryer.
Hot sauce laden cheese sauce for the sprouts.
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