Family loses $12k through TikTok

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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by kelownman »

LMAO at these parents. Life must be tough when they expect OTHERS to ensure they (the parent) arent held responsible for stupid actions that they (the parent) takes when it comes to their credit card!

Schuetze made some changes on the devices. However, he says it shouldn't be expected of parents or individuals to read every Apple policy to ensure security.

"Since Apple must be well aware of this, then they could take measures to help protect their customers. If I want to buy something, it is great that I can. But, all devices being automatically turned on for ‘one click’ purchases, when they know this sort of mistake happens in a family with children, doesn’t feel right…. Technology is so advanced now, I certainly am not surprised that this ‘one click’ option is possible. But, it certainly shouldn’t be automatically on across all devices, I should be presented with that as an option."

Danielle MacDonald says her boys are regular users of the game, but she's never had this issue before.

"I have twin boys that play Roblox everyday. A few times a week I pay $1-$2 for each child. I've made many of these purchases but I have to approve with my password ... he was able to make many many purchases from $1.39 to $139.99."

"I have three children, I'm a single mom, and have no job. I was relying on money on my MasterCard to buy them Christmas gifts." ... htm#316271
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by skydawg »

Absolutely ridiculous these parents. Hand over a phone with credit card and then call out apple when the kid buys likes and games. All these charges 100% belong to the parents.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by Even Steven »

Three children. Single mom. No job.

Yet she buys them online gaming stuff "few times a week".

What a dumbo.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by kgcayenne »

Would it work for parents to have two email addresses and two Apple IDs? Then the primary ID gets the credit card number, and uses home sharing to allow the non-card devices to use the apps?
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20K in App Purchases

Post by Symbonite » ... and-Google

Thats when the babysitting app is not so great. But i knew once the guy got a refund for that 20K then everyone in the woodwork would have came out. Maybe I should reverse all my purchases and blame it on the kid.

this is why I have introduced my kid to the Nintendo Entertainment System. No internet and actually uses hand eye coordination and the value of trying to beat a game with only 3 lives.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by danielthekid »

You know people are absolutely unbelievable these days, they go out and buy these 1000$ devices and not understand how to use them. When things start to go wrong with the expensive devices, they instantly go and blame the company that produces it instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Why the hell are you giving you 12 year old an apple or android device which they have no knowledge of the consequences of what happens in the digital world?

These parents are 100% at fault for these charges and should not have got the community to start a GoFundMe me account and then getting TikTok, Apple or Mastercard to refund the charges. I get it 12000$ is quite a big Dent in a someone's bank account, these companies honestly did nothing wrong. They clearly state how things work in their terms and conditions, if only people would take the time to read the how the charges work. I'm not say go and read the whole tome that they provide, which legally is required. But take the time to read the parts that are going to affect you in the now. These devices have made doing things quite easy with things like Cash apps and 1 Tap buying. If you don't read how these things work, your going to have issues.

Plus learn to use your device, if your going to spend a large sum of money on a device that is in control of your finances and privacy. I have a Pixel 3 and love it because I can customize it to my liking, and is great for someone that has knowledge of technology and how it works. I have the google pay app and with it the 1 Tap buy option, however I was able to add an extra feature that's asks for my finger print. These devices make our lives easy and convenient, but if you don't take the to learn how to use them properly you get screwed over.

Really Apple is a :cuss: product in my opinion, they are designed easy to use and take away from making your brain work to learn new things. Even though it makes life easy and you can show you friends your brand new I Phone. Also don't let your kids have control of a device that could devastate your Bank balance, without having certain fail safes in place to avoid unnecessary charges.

These parents should be ashamed of themselves for making this such a big deal that it ended up on castanet. It was a waste of my time to even read the article, but it angered me so much at the stupidity and self centeredness of these people. In my opinion these parents should pay back the 12000 or donate it to a good cause and learn from their mistake. What have these people done for the world that they deserve our pity and attention?

I would like to classify these people as a *bleep*.

(Can't Understand Normal Thinking)

I don't use that word lightly, but these people deserve this label for going full blown Karen wasting my time and others who think they should have taken responsibility for their actions. I apologize in advance to any reader that takes offense. This is coming from a guy with ADHD and Autism, I would love to see them try and Life in my situation. With how they dealt with this situation, I don't think they would survive.

P.S. This Forum article is in the wrong forum. How does this article have anything to do with Social concerns. This isn't going to change the world people. Y'all need to get you :cuss: together and post topics in the right place. Castanet should create a Forum For Social Media related articles. just a suggestion
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by MCB »

Don't hold back...tell us how you really feel! :biggrin:
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by OldBlindDog »

I wonder if TikTok let the spoiled brat keep her likes and follows.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by Salganaza »

I'm sure *bleep* like this when a family loses a bunch of money still takes place.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by DevonMckee »

It's crazy how some people refuse to take responsibility for their actions and then try to blame others for their mistakes.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by GordonH »

DevonMckee wrote: Mar 24th, 2023, 4:02 am It's crazy how some people refuse to take responsibility for their actions and then try to blame others for their mistakes.
Sounds very much like politicians.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by BC Landlord »

You have to be stupid enough to have that app installed on your device, to begin with. $12k loss comes just as a result.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by youjustcomplain »

Old story, and foolish to give your kids access to your credit card. But I wonder if unauthorized purchases by minors does warrant an exception.

Visa/Mastercard are really good at reversing charges when your card has been compromised. I wonder what the rules are if the card was stolen by a minor, living in your house. Not sure that's what happened here, but this could happen to many of us. Kids are like adults; impulsive idiots.
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Re: Family loses $12k through TikTok

Post by Bigbacardi »

I remember awhile back, a story hit Castanet about a family complaining about a $1000/mo cel bill.
Good grief!!! Parents have lost touch with reality?
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