What's for dinner tonight?

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Re: What's for dinner tonight?

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Lady tehMa wrote: Jan 26th, 2024, 8:38 am
Bsuds wrote: Jan 26th, 2024, 8:19 am <snip>

On another note it is taking Olympia way too long to re-open! Having Lasagna withdrawals too. :-X
I was at the Rutland Save-On the other day, the back of the building is quite brightly coloured.
I ended up making my own chicken souvlaki last week - would be nice to have them up and running again.
We have had a few peeks inside recently and it's coming along.
Must be something holding it up and they seem to be keeping it a secret.
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Re: What's for dinner tonight?

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I worked as a dishwasher at Olympia on Bernard.
When they still had the old machines on the wall in the booth to pick songs.
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Re: What's for dinner tonight?

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Corned Beef and Cabbage, o'course! Boiled turnips and carrots too!
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Re: What's for dinner tonight?

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Pork steak, Spuds and green beans, all on the BBQ.
I'm posting this from Traditional lands of the British Empire & the current Lands of The Dominion of Canada.
I also give thanks for this ethos richness bestowed on us via British Colonialism.

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