Stolen camera!

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Re: Stolen camera!

Post by kgcayenne »

hurricanexxx96 wrote:Did that man who sue the guy for personal injuries happen in the Us or can?

I said one person's post were pathetic. Not all the ones in this thread.

Indeed, apparently I am the pathetic one.

Anyway, there were a few in the US (one successful), and one in Australia that showed up more when I did a quick Google.
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Re: Stolen camera!

Post by Bsuds »

hurricanexxx96 wrote:Did that man who sue the guy for personal injuries happen in the Us or can?

I said one person's post were pathetic. Not all the ones in this thread.

Sorry, but the way it was worded didn't specify one poster, so I took it as all posts. my apologies.
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Re: Stolen camera!

Post by Piecemaker »

kccayenne wrote:How sad that this woman’s memories are lost. Again we see the importance of keeping our valuables safe and out of sight.

Isn’t it ironic that we are forced to assume guilt for items stolen from us, when the real criminal behaviour is being done by someone else? Crayzeee world we live in.

Judge to Thief: “Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”
Thief: “I wouldn’t have stolen it from her had she not left it in plain view. It’s her fault I broke into her car and stole it.”
Judge to Plaintiff: “The Defendant has a point, and because of your negligence, this person is continuing a pattern of theft. Shame on you, you should know better. Case dismissed.”

Keep it locked safe and sound, then no one can blame you for the wrongdoings of others.

I agree.

While I NEVER leave valuables in my vehicle as a general rule and never in open view, it is possible that I could simply "forget" due to some other distraction--or that I had an intent to return to my vehicle right away and got side tracked. Would I "deserve" to have my belongings stolen?

Yes, the lady should have put her pictures on a computer or whatever you teckies do. But she didn't...

KC, hope the memory card you linked to is hers. Did you give her a call? She might not be a computer person and read Castanet.

BTW, you are not "pathetic"any more than the rest of us are. You are analytical and like to look at situations from various points of view. Keeps the forum interesting.
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Re: Stolen camera!

Post by OREZ »

hurricanexxx96 wrote:How come all of your posts are pathetic? ( in my opinon of course )

And what makes you think that your opinion of another long time member's posts is relevant to this discussion?

From Forum Rules:
Personal attacks are not permitted - even if you think the person ‘deserves it’. If someone makes a personal attack directed at you, you have two choices: Report them or ignore them. Responding in kind is not a valid option. It leads to disharmony and thread disruption
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Re: Stolen camera!

Post by onestop67 »

hurricanexxx96 wrote:Ive been robbed as well. could i have pervented it?

How does one pervent being robbed??? Become so sexually agressive with the robber that they feel uncomfortable and leave???

Re: Stolen camera!

Post by FreeRide96 »

You can take actions wich in return help prevent being robbed.
Maybe not 100% but definetly 90%,

Read up on ICBC about vehicle breakins.

What does being a long term member have to do with anything?

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