Robert Whiteley - School District 23 Candidate

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Robert Whiteley - School District 23 Candidate

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This thread is for Robert Whiteley, candidate for School District #23.
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Re: Robert Whiteley - School District 23 Candidate

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I was asked the following question by a citizen of Kelowna "What would it take to get a fine arts school in Kelowna (similar to the one in Langley) and is this something you would advocate for? Has this been considered before? If so, what has the response been in the past?"

Below is my response to this question:
The Langley fine arts school is a provincial model that is very successful. There are other fine arts schools such as the Beattie School of the Arts in Kamloops. The Kamloops school district has developed a model for schools of choice. I support choice provided it is within the public education system and, if there are a significant number of parents prepared to participate in the establishment of a fine arts school, I may consider advocacy.

That said, there are a number of issues to consider when schools of choice are proposed. My support would be based on how and to what degree these issues are addressed.
~Equity— access for all students within the district must be available
~ Fees—I do not support charging any fees for attendance, materials, equipment, transportation etc.
~Location is critical--the school must be established in an area that would allow attendance for all students regardless of place of residence within the district. I am disappointed that the school district is selling off valuable assets especially schools and school property. Enrolment projections indicate that by approximately 2015 student enrolment will increase and continue for a couple of decades. As well, with the added Board of Education responsibility for three and four year olds space for the provision of an educational programme for three and four year olds means the school district will need sites to house the increase in student enrolment.
~Child care—any new school proposal must include the provision of before and after school child/daycare options within the facility.
~Other issues to consider include grade configuration, impact of early childhood education initiatives for three and four year olds, administrative support, district policy revision/amendments, support for special needs students, scheduling, staffing, parent/community participation, busing, community access to the facility etc.

Where do other trustee candidates stand on schools of choice?
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Re: Robert Whiteley - School District 23 Candidate

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I was at the forum, last night. As a parent and teacher, I wasn't sure about the new early learning initiatives. I think they are great in the sense that it will be the closest thing to universal daycare we have seen, but I don't like the idea of formalizing education at such an early age.

I liked what Robert had to say about early learning..... It's not about the kids being in the building, it's about the type of learning they are doing. Kindergarten is a "child's garden", where children should be allowed to grow and flourish. And early learning environments at ages 3, 4 and 5 should be developmentally appropriate.

He seemed to understand Early Childhood Education.

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