Dry/cracked feet

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Re: Dry/cracked feet

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There is only way to get your feet back on track:
1)Get a professional pedicure- they will take excess callus off and get your feet on the right track
2) Get a Shea butter and a foot file for home use. You need to help as well! Foot file at the end of your bath/shower- 20 seconds on those trouble spots- then Shea butter.
3)Do yourself a favour and wear slippers in the house- it will help tons.
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Re: Dry/cracked feet

Post by WhatThe »

aNd again crazy glue for the big cracks. It's totally safe, stops pain and will heal faster.
Use hydro cortisone, a topical Over the counter steroid. It really speeds healing.
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Re: Dry/cracked feet

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Soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes and then apply lubriderm to them (a nice coat of it) then let air dry. Its time consuming but after a few days of doing it your feet will be soft again.
I had terrible dry, cracked feet...not anymore!
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Re: Dry/cracked feet

Post by grammafreddy »

And maybe get checked for fungal infections such as Athlete's Foot, Moccasin Foot, and/or onychomycosis.

http://dermnetnz.org/fungal/athletes-foot.html - Athlete's Foot - this is more a moist problem not a dry, cracking problem but can lead to ...

http://dermnetnz.org/fungal/tinea-pedis.html - Moccasin Foot (which in some cases shows as dry, cracked feet) See also http://dermnetnz.org/fungal/tinea-manuum.html for Moccasin Foot in a hand

http://dermnetnz.org/fungal/onychomycosis.html - Nail fungal infections - hands and feet
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Re: Dry/cracked feet

Post by steelrules »

Never a problem with my feet but my hands is a different story,
I have found that an inexpensive cream like Vaselines cocoa butter it's in a brown bottle works for me.
A little more expensive are creams with urea, these work best.
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Re: Dry/cracked feet

Post by pjeadiesgs »

Super Glue/Crazy Glue for the bad cracks and Bag Balm to soften everything up. Wash your feet in hot water, then dry them well, rub in bag balm while they are still warm, then slip on a pair of either cotton, silk or wool socks (should be 100% pure, not a blend and not synthetic) before you go to bed at night.

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