Own the Podium a Failure?

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Re: Own the Podium a Failure?

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Captain Awesome wrote:I personally think the whole concept of owning the podium is kinda inane. We should we investing in youth sports, raising our own talents here in Canada, inspiring more and more kids to get into sports (and Olympics are perfect for it), promote healthy life style and family fitness. Only then we'll be constantly planting seeds of tomorrows victories and at the same time solve a lot of our social problems. Then medals will follow.

When kids have hobbies and sports to enjoy, they're more likely to succeed in their field. Sports build confidence that people need to succeed in life. People who are enjoying their sports advancements don't do drugs, don't live on streets, and don't steal for living.

And how many of those kids do you think were inspired by the people they saw on TV winning Gold/Silver/Bronze?

Those are the dividends of own the podium. Get it??
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Re: Own the Podium a Failure?

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I think a lot of Canadian youth will be that much more inspired to try and achieve Olympic dreams of their own after such an amazing showing by Team Canada.

Own the Podium - a Success!

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