Capturing the Youthful Vote

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Capturing the Youthful Vote

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Past elections have seen a terribly dismal level of participation from young voters (young being anything less than 65). This is a call out to all young, eligible voters who have never participated in an election before, to take action on Saturday, November 19, and make your voices heard!

In order for this city to grow in a sustainable manner (whether it be quality jobs, affordable housing or new facilities and fun events), it is absolutely imperative that the youthful generation step up to the plate and have a say. What type of issues are important to you? Almost everyone that I've personally spoken with has clearly indicated their concerns with our public transit system, lack of jobs and high cost of living. Almost everyone has also agreed that Kelowna has lost it reputation as a fun city. I, for one, can remember how fun the summers were as a kid with the waterslides, Dinotown... and now we're missing out on Thunderfest, Wakefest, Mardi Gras, Dragon Boat Festivals... really?

This is the time to have YOUR say in how city council decides the fate for our city over the next 3 years. Elect some fresh, young faces to council who will fight for YOUR right to be heard! I strongly advocate that our city demand the return of all the fun festivals and events that have been lost (if they will even come back again, that is) so that we not only kick-start our flailing economy but also rejuventate our youthful, fun and positive spirit!

Elect myself, Dan Thorburn as YOUR next Kelowna City Councillor. I will work with WHOEVER is elected to council, and we will work together as a TEAM to ensure that not just a few, nor just the many, but instead EVERYONE in Kelowna gets fair representation and a chance to once again make our beautiful Okanagan city a vibrant, bustling centre of energy, activity and FUN!

For more information on some of Dan Thorburn's innovative initiatives please visit his web site: and be sure to contact him with YOUR thoughts, ideas, suggestions or concerns.


Dan Thorburn
Elect Dan Thorburn for Kelowna City Councillor


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