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Recently I was talking to my girl friend about religion and love and I over stepped my bounds. I don't know why I said what I said, it might have been the alcohol, as I had something to drink around at the time, but I offended her and feel such regret for doing such a thing. Now, I am not sure how to reconcile with her. She doesn't even want to talk to me nowadays, and it's been over a month already. I used to believe love conquerors all, now I am not so sure. :(

Anybody have any suggestions of how I can find forgiveness in her heart?
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Re: Forgiveness

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If it's been over a month then start looking for a new GF.
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Re: Forgiveness

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Love does conquer all. Maybe she doesn't love you? Maybe she loves something or someone else more?
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Re: Forgiveness

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Get yourself healthy and don't worry about her. If you are meant to get back together, it will happen, BUT, all the promises in the world won't mean anything without action. If booze makes you do and say unacceptable things, quit drinking. I also seem to recall you were hospitalized not that long ago, so would strongly strongly suggest you listen to the doctors and consistently take the recommended treatments including any medications if prescribed. It is important for a person to become healthy enough to have a loving relationship in order to maintain one.

Good luck alexoliversen!

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