Your mind can change your brain

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Your mind can change your brain

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Your mind can change your brain - Dr Caroline Leaf ... C1A739C805
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Re: Your mind can change your brain

Post by cliffy1 »

Interesting stuff. In 1980 I was in an accident that caused severe brain trauma amongst many other problems. I was never told anything about the problems I would experience because of it. I went through many years of being only semi functional. I lost everything, wife, family, home. I could not hold a job. I was always depressed. I had no idea why I was going through all this. But then I met a woman who worked with head trauma patients and she explained to me about what I was going through. It was then that I decided to reverse the process that had imprisoned me. I did my own research and applied what I learned. I did this without any help from anyone.

I am not a Christian but I am not an atheist either. I think what this woman has to say is very important, but by bringing her religion into her talk, she may have turned some people off who would otherwise have benefited from her knowledge. I would encourage everybody to watch this video with an open mind, because all of us have experienced mental, emotional and physical trauma of some sort, we all have our personal demons that haunt our peace of mind and we can all use this knowledge to our benefit.
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Re: Your mind can change your brain

Post by annexi »

I don't usually take the time to watch these posted videos, but this one was different and I'm glad I did. I think she is bang-on in her analysis of how mind can control brain. I love how she illustrates with the real time neuronal photography that thoughts are REAL, ie. what we think has a direct physical correlate. So, take home message, one can employ their free will to choose thoughts and thereby change the brain. 63 days for a new thought to substantiate in the non-conscious mind. Thank you OP. Good one.
(I agree Cliffy it's heavy on Christianity, but I take that with a grain of salt...)
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