The Skaha Lake Husky

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The Skaha Lake Husky

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... is not having a good day today:

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Re: The Skaha Lake Husky...

Post by GordonH »

Maybe not, very fortunate not to be hurt by the sign falling down. I've not seen that happen before.

Someone needs to replace what appears to be rotting plywood, since I only see 3 screws maybe spend on few extra. (all based on pictures provided)

Added later: Husky Canada its maybe time to do some inspection, lawsuits can be costly.
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Re: The Skaha Lake Husky...

Post by gordon_as »

agree. The color of the plywood suggests to me that there has been an issue with the roof for some time.
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Re: The Skaha Lake Husky...

Post by JBX »

Lol damn, that must have been quite a shock for the guy there peacefully filling up with gas! Glad nobody was hurt.
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Re: The Skaha Lake Husky...

Post by Dizzy1 »

I think they misunderstood - we asked for falling gas prices - not signs ;)
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Re: The Skaha Lake Husky...

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ah well only a crown vic
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Re: The Skaha Lake Husky...

Post by prairieflower »

Personally, what I like in the picture is the employee "sweeping" up in front of the sign and the car :-)

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