Renovating an Ensuite

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Re: Renovating an Ensuite

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Looking for a house in Kelowna gives me a pretty good idea how many people attempt to renovate their houses but screw up everything. There are way too many absolutely awful installations in many homes starting from floor, through kitchen/bathroom cabinets, lights .... you name it.
If you are watching too many shows on HGTV and think you can do it but have no idea where to start or are clueless about the basic skills than you should not proceed on your own.
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Re: Renovating an Ensuite

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I think part of the issue is that no one knows how to do things for themselves anymore. I mean, how many people can tell a Robertson from a Phillips - and know what I am talking about?
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Re: Renovating an Ensuite

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pepsilover wrote:I am wanting to get my ensuite renovated to include new sink, new toilet, new floor, painting walls etc., and new counter (or just countertop as I already have good cabinets but may go for a new cabinet if price is right).

So my question is what do I do first? Floor? Painting? Or the other three? (toilet, sink and counter)? I've already bought the sink I want which will pretty much fit existing counter but am open to putting new counter in.

Which is the best order in which to do these things?

I just had mine done. Same stuff. In this order:

1) Remove everything you're taking out (flooring, counter, toilet, etc.).
2) Remove light switch covers, etc. and then paint.
3) Install new flooring before you install new toilet. That way you can cut your tile right up to toilet hole. (Please don't tell you're putting in another type of flooring.)
4) Install new toilet with new Kant Leak wax seal.
5) Install new countertop, sink, backsplash, etc.
6) Put everything back. and silicone where needed.
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Re: Renovating an Ensuite

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Don't forget to add a 50% contingency cost. If you don't need it all for unforeseen expenses, buy beer. Even helpful friends cost something.
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