Cariboo fire out of control

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Cariboo fire out of control

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Cariboo fire out of control ... htm#200271

Quadrupled in size since last night...


Date of discovery: 2017-06-23
Suspected Cause: Lightning
Approximate Location: 4 km W of Emerald Lake
Estimated Size: 36.4 HA
Stage of Control: Fire of Note
Fire of Note Page: 40 km southwest of Lac La Hache ... 2955244847
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Re: Cariboo fire out of control

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Let's hope they get it under control. I have family that lives in the area.
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Re: Cariboo fire out of control

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Unfortunately very large areas in that part of the Province has dry dead trees due to bug kill, tinderbox just waiting to go up in flames.
Hopefully it heads away from populated areas
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Re: Cariboo fire out of control

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Convairs from Penticton were tasked to that fire Friday evening. Long way to go and guess they needed the extra resources as there are bases in Kamloops and Prince George already.
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