Are they weeds?/Plant ID please !

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Are they weeds?/Plant ID please !

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Are they weeds or what are they? :biggrin:
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Re: Are they weeds?/Plant ID please !

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First photo looks like Snapdragons to me.

Second one is a poppy, it should be very cool to see how it blooms, I have several with all different blooms.

Third one I can't make out.

Lady t? Bman?
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Re: Are they weeds?/Plant ID please !

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I agree with first two.

Third one kind of looks like coreopsis to me? Or maybe something like heliopsis or aster? I have something that looks like that, but apparently I didn't have a tag for it, and I only got it this year =_=;
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Re: Are they weeds?/Plant ID please !

Post by Bsuds »

A weed is a plant where someone does not want it to grow. Leave them and see what grows.
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Re: Are they weeds?/Plant ID please !

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The first summer in our current home, I was frantically pulling weeds out of the garden, when my neighbour came by and informed me that I was actually ripping out beautiful perennials that had been planted the previous year. We took a walk around the property together, and I pointed out some pretty flowers that were growing big and tall. I was quite proud of how well they were coming along (I'm very bad a gardening, so this was a big deal) It was probably due to all my watering and fertilizing...
The neighbour looked at me funny and then went on to tell me that those were weeds. [icon_lol2.gif]

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