Reopening of the Energyplex

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Is the Energyplex reopening too soon?

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Reopening of the Energyplex

Post by Podonk »

I read that the Energyplex is set to reopen with social distancing measures in place. Am I the only one who thinks a safe opening of a facility such as this is far from possible? I'm not the kind of person to say "I told ya so" but I do feel we are heading toward one of those moments. Or am I being over cautious? I do understand that the owners have to put food on their table, but at what cost to the public and our kids. I have 4 children and I wouldn't dream of taking them to the Energyplex during these times.
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Re: Reopening of the Energyplex

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I agree tho - Too soon. Honestly, I felt "icky" bringing the kids to the EP before this all happened. Basically we knew that part of the cost of going to the EP was having our own children sick a week later.

There is no amount of distancing, etc that can help that place. It's like trying to social distance a daycare operation. If it was up to me, EP would be the last place to re-open. I honestly can't think of a worse environment for spreading illness.

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