Flower Planter / Coffin ... double duty

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Flower Planter / Coffin ... double duty

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At least she won't have to worry about someone trying to take her flower box.
St. Catharines homeowner Christina Calbury was excited about being able to buy a coffin from Facebook Marketplace and adapt it for use as a planter in her backyard. In fact, her partner was so happy with it she bought a second one, this time for her urban-sized front yard.
Why coffins? In her books, it’s more a case of why not. Calbury lists herself on Instagram as a badass mom, hairstylist/barber and rockabilly queen who enjoys vintage and horror (they even have a black cat). She says that when she saw the casket listed for $200, she decided to scare up the funds and go for it.

Calbury said reaction to the planter had been quite positive. She told CTV News Toronto on Wednesday that they hadn’t received any negative comments about it, and that some people even stopped to take photos (but as we know in this age of social media, taking a photo does not equal approval). As it came to pass, it was evident not everyone was pleased with the garden decor.
https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/a ... hp&pc=U531
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Re: Flower Planter / Coffin ... double duty

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^^^ knowing what funeral homes charge for a coffin... she got a hell of a deal.

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